Wing Sing Dentamed Industry
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About Us

We are happy to present our new catalogue of beauty, surgical and dental instruments. We have improved in order to make it simpler and easier to follow. It would be an excellent guide to all our customers in the world over.

We are manufacturer of wide range stainless steel and brass chrome plated instruments. Quality of our each instrument is made to exact specifications. Much of our time is spent assuring the quality of the products we sell. Our name does not go on any instrument that fails to pass our tough quality assurance standards. We know our reputation depends on providing a quality product that will perform constantly for years.

The selection of instruments has been increased because of the wide acceptance of these instruments of our customers. We have been produced by experienced and skilled master craftsman in our workshops in the area of Sialkot.

It is due to their efficient cooperation and superior workmanship that we have made itself a name throughout the world as a reliable supplier of high quality of beauty, surgical and dental instruments.

Special Instruments: We also welcome you’re enquires for the instruments not listed in this catalogue and can be made to order and customers ideas carefully carried out by skilled technicians in our workshops.

We invite you contact us for all your instruments which you needs. There’s no better choice when you want the best. We provide you better quality and selection.